Omron has the power relays required for modern energy generation, storage and use.

As a global manufacturer with key competence in sensing and control technology, Omron provides an array of dependable and highly qualified electro-mechanical components that drive the performance, reliability, and safety of electrical equipment. For commercial buildings which account for a large amount of energy consumption, efforts are being called to reach “zero emission”. In residential, households are increasingly generating power to recharge electrical devices and vehicles. In both cases, this is achieved by the installation of stable renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic power generation systems and storage batteries. Omron power relays are integral to building safe and reliable energy systems.

Universal requirements in energy industryOmron's solutionAdvantage for customers
Reduction of initial cost/ maintenance cost
Heat suppression

Low-heat generation

High capacity PCB relays

To react to the trend for requiring higher capacity inverters.
Reduce the design costs for heat dissipation such as heatsink, fan etc..
Reliability / safety improvement
DC power electrical safety

DC high voltage switching relays

To meet the requirement of reliable and cost-effective safety designs for battery and PV applications.
Reduce the cost and size of fail-safe circuit.

Featured products

G7L-X PCB power relays

Compact power relay capable of switching 1,000 VDC loads DC high capacity switching for both normal and reverse polarity available. Applications include rapid shutdown and energy storage systems.

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G7EB low-heat power relays

Low-heat generating design with low CR of 5 m Ω* for high capacity / current applications. *As an initial value. 480 VAC / 100 A high current switching capability. Ambient temperature: 85℃, ideal for PV inverters.

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G9KA high current power relay

Low-heat generating design with low contact resistance of 0.2 m Ω* for high capacity / current applications. 200 A (300 A for G9KA-E version) high-current switching capability with class-leading super compact and low-profile package.

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Omron energy relays