Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental Policies

element14 has established a global policy and management system that supports continual improvement, protects our people and the environment. Our management system is compliant to international standards for the environment, safety and quality and is certified by recognised bodies in the respective regions below. 


United Kingdom

United States

element14's quality policy:

To optimise and drive efficiency, customer service and quality enabling element14 to be the best in the industry for customer satisfaction, element14 will deliver an industry-leading customer experience and service through continual improvement of infrastructure, processes, product and service provision to respond to customer needs, statutory and regulatory requirements.

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element14’s Authorized Distributor Policy:

element14, an Avnet company, is a global high-service distributor of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair. It operates as Farnell in EMEA, Newark in the Americas and element14 in APAC.

element14's Health & Safety Management Policy:

element14 is committed to the safety and health of its employees and the general public, insofar as they come into contact with the company. It is the mutual responsibility of employees at all levels to maintain a safe working environment.

The company will do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent injury, property damage or the onset of ill health as a result of the work environment or reasonably foreseeable work hazards.

The company will comply with all legal requirements and other safety-related requirements to which it subscribes and will go beyond compliance by implementing systems to continually improve safety-related performance.

Furthermore, the company will:

  • Provide all employees with a safe working environment
  • Provide training and instruction to allow employees to complete their work without risk to themselves or to others
  • Regularly appraise work environments, procedures and equipment to ensure safety is maintained
  • Seek advice where necessary from safety specialists

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element14's Environmental Management Policy:

To identify, measure and manage the significant environmental impacts of the element14 business in order to protect the environment from harm and degradation while delivering an industry-leading customer experience.

element14 will:

  • Comply with relevant and applicable environmental laws, regulations and other requirements
  • Drive continual improvement in the efficient use of resources and reduction of pollution and waste
  • Provide appropriate environmental training for employees whose activities impact environmental performance

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